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Department of Transportation
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Better Bike Plan 2025
The City of San José has kicked off a year-long effort to update our bike plan. We need your help to create a San José where people of all ages and abilities can bike for transportation, recreation, or just plain fun!

Learn more about the plan and provide your input on our interactive map.


Bicycle Program

We implement projects that support bicycling as a viable means of transportation.

Goals of the program are to:
  • Achieve 5% of trips by bike by 2020
  • Achieve 15% by 2040
  • Build a 400-mile on-street bikeway network
  • Work with the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services Department's Trail Program to complete a 100-mile off-street bikeways network.

These goals can be found in three City Council-approved plans:

As of spring 2017, the City has completed approximately 285 miles of on-street bikeways and 57 miles of off-street trails.

We actively seek grant funds to support implementation of bikeways and related programs. The Department also seeks opportunities to maximize resources, such as coordinating our citywide bikeway implementation with our pavement maintenance program.

Minnesota Avenue
The City of San José is repaving Minnesota Avenue between Weaver Drive and Alma Avenue. As part of this project, the City is exploring ways to calm traffic and make the street more complete and comfortable for all roadway users, including people walking and biking.

Join San José DOT staff for a community meeting on Minnesota Avenue on September 5th, 2017, at Willow Glen Elementary School (click on link for more information).

At this meeting, we will share a feasible design option that would:
  1. Reconfigure travel lanes from four lanes to three between Weaver and Alma
  2. Remove on-street parking between Lincoln Avenue and Alma Avenue (most of this parking is currently time-limited and infrequently used)
This option would allow the installation of bike lanes. Whether these changes are incorporated or not, repaving work is expected to occur during fall 2017.

Some active and recently completed projects include:

Bike and Scooter Share

Ford GoBike
Ford GoBike is the Bay Area's new bike share system, with thousands of public bikes for use across San Francisco, East Bay and San José. Our bike share is designed with convenience in mind; it’s a fun and affordable way to get around town.

Access Ford GoBike now

E-bikes and E-scooters
New e-bike and e-scooter options began appearing in San José in March of 2018. The City is currently developing regulations to ensure these systems are operated safely and responsibly.

Click here for frequently asked questions and answers about e-scooter sharing.

To keep up to date about San José bike and scooter share developments, follow us on Twitter at @sj_bikeshare.

Bike Racks
This map shows the location of bike racks that we own and maintain. Icons in blue are bike racks and icons in yellow are electronic bike lockers (for more information on bike lockers, visit Bike racks at other facilities like VTA Transit Stations or San Jose State University are not shown on this map.

View larger map
Ford Go Bike
Request a Bike Rack
The City of San José installs bicycle parking at no cost. We will evaluate requests for installation on both public and private property. Private property requests require the landowner's consent. Send us your request.