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When should I call and report a stray animal?
If the animal is not acting aggressively or is not in danger or in traffic, you can submit an "online report" href="">online report. Call (408) 794-7297 when:
  • There is a stray animal that is acting in an aggressive manner. Please note type of dog, color of dog, if it is wearing a collar or not, if you have seen the same dog in the past running loose, and the direction of flight of the dog. If you know the name or address of the owner, please provide it to the animal services dispatcher.
  • You have confined a stray dog, it is acting aggressively, and/or you are unable to transport it to the San José Animal Care Center.

Animal Care & Services - Stray & Feral Animals

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1. When should I call and report a stray animal?
2. What happens after I make a stray animal report?